Market leading automotive IT services

Contechs is an award winning, market-leading company specialising in providing a comprehensive design and engineering service to automotive OEMs.  At the heart of our operation is constant innovation across a range of services including concept design, product design, production support, validation prototype and design verification, product launch and automotive IT services.

Our automotive engineering and design services span the whole vehicle product lifecycle, from project origination through to launch, and on to any post-production adaptations.  Our automotive IT services play a vital role in all of these areas.

Providing a sophisticated automotive IT service to customers

The nature of the work we undertake on behalf of our customers requires a sophisticated, secure and robust IT, CAD and communications infrastructure.  Our automotive IT services team operate a range of CAD and design software which we can integrate seamlessly with our customers’ systems – at our own sites and customer locations.

Holding confidential, sensitive and vital information across our IT systems means that we have invested in secure servers and storage devices.  As part of our robust disaster management safeguards, all data is backed up daily and held securely and is held according to our customers’ data protocols.

Discover how our automotive IT services can help your automotive project

As part of our automotive IT services, we work with sophisticated and high quality software tools such as CATIA, ICEM and Alias.  We constantly monitor our software and keep abreast of new developments and innovations which may have the potential to improve our CAD resources.

Our IT services team are highly skilled in all aspects of automotive IT.  This includes 3D product design, technical surfacing, studio integration, and concept styling, as well as running programmes to ensure component designs are feasible and compatible with our customers’ existing components, and post-production analysis.


For more information on our range of automotive IT services, or if you would like to speak to one of our team about your automotive project, please call us on 01268 582800, or email us at

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