Tech Day 2

After the success of its first ‘tech day’ back in November, leading automotive company Contechs recently enjoyed its second.

Inviting key personnel from Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), this technology-focused event aimed to deliver material samples and technical presentation to attendees, inviting them to explore and understand new developments within the automotive sector that may be of benefit for future projects.

A number of key technology partners were also invited to support Contechs in the promotion of specific developments, allowing representatives from JLR to engage and gain a greater understanding of their applications and engineering attributes.  These partners included:


  • Engel UK – injection moulding machinery specialists
  • Bielomatik – materials welding specialists
  • Alveo – foam material specialists
  • Keifel Technologies – manufacturing equipment technology specialists


Contech’s Managing Director, Peter Jarvis, said: “we are proud of our relationship with JLR and we host these technology-focused events to deliver insight and quality content to key representatives.

“We are confident that this event will lead to specific project requests of feasibility or potential applications for future programmes”.