Automotive interior design with attention to detail


Contechs has been providing some of the world’s most prestigious automotive companies with ground-breaking product design, development, engineering services and automotive interior design.  With specialist knowledge across the whole of the automotive industry, Contechs is dedicated to helping our customers with new innovations to improve the performance and design of their car programmes.

Contechs automotive interior design teams work closely with our customers to design, develop and engineer high quality components which meet the exact specifications of each individual model of car.  Whether working with existing specifications or developing new ideas using new and advanced materials, we always pay strict attention to detail.


Automotive interior design for any specification

From the design and development of high volume interior components to developing bespoke interiors for one-off projects and concept cars, the automotive interior design team will deliver a manufacturing solution that meets customers’ requirements in terms of quality, cost and appearance, with no exceptions.

Should OEM's require a complete interior or just a few components, Contechs can help with any requirement.  At the production centre in Warwick, Contechs has the skills and equipment to handle a wide range of materials including leather, vinyl and headlining materials.  It is able to design and develop interior components such as gap hiders, centre consoles, console lids, seat backs, valances and trays, glove boxes, pillar trims, carpet assemblies and map pockets.

Contechs is also able to adapt existing designs for new vehicle models, or as part of a product refresh programme, as well as re-manufacturing individual components following changes in specifications.


Providing specialist manufacturing services for automotive interior design


Whether you require automotive interior design support, bespoke interior development, interior re-trims or special vehicle interiors, our team are here to provide clients with the best help possible.   Contechs has the skill and expertise to provide specialist help in all aspects of automotive design and engineering.


If you would like to discuss your automotive interior design requirements with our specialists, or any of the other automotive design and engineering services we provide, contact us today.  We will be happy to help with any questions you may have.

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