Automotive Design and Engineering Services

Contechs has the skills, the resources and the people to take an original studio concept and carry it through to production and beyond.

Program management is the hub of its business, central to core activities such as Design and Engineering services, Supplier Integration and Recruitment.

It will bring together all the required disciplines, facilities and suppliers at any stage to ensure a program runs to schedule, meeting all client objectives with optimum cost and time efficiency. Its flexible business model means services can be provided on a fixed price program basis; as a time-and-materials service; or as a business-to-business skills recruitment service. Contechs can also provide fully managed teams of skilled individuals to undertake a particular work program.

Contechs capabilities extend to concept styling, technical surfacing, component design and engineering, electrical, body in white, chassis, interior and exterior trim, quality management, tolerance analysis studies and supplier integration. It is also fully equipped to deal with the process of releasing engineering elements and readying components for production.

Contechs can provide vital support in integrating a supplier into the OEM environment and provide support for the building of prototypes, quality management and production launch. Its services extend beyond the point of vehicle production to include weight and cost-down analysis, warranty issue mitigation and the efficient execution of any post-production design & engineering changes that may be required and the delivery of mid-lifecycle refresh programs.

Design Services